TES Online - Обновление 1.0.1

Первый патч 1.0.1 для The Elder Scrolls Online. Краткий список изменений на русском:

  • Исправлены багнутые квесты.
  • Вступительный ролик теперь в более высоком качестве и его можно посмотреть заного в любое время.
  • Квест на убийство 20 игроков стал ежедневным.
  • Лекарям, лечащим союзников теперь нужно нанести меньшее количество урона, чтобы убийство было засчитано.
  • Множество других исправлений.

Полный патчноут 1.0.1 на английском:

Patch Notes v1.0.1


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.1 features a number of fixes to existing content. Here’s a brief overview of what awaits you in this patch:

  • Fixes to quests that were blocking progression.
  • New option to view the intro cinematic any time.


Alliance War

  • Revised the quest to kill 20 players in Cyrodiil to make it a daily quest, rather than repeatable.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Reduced the percentage required to gain credit for a kill for healers that were healing an ally.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get dismounted from your horse when jumping over various objects.
  • Fixed an issue with fishing where the game client could crash.
  • Fixed an issue where abilities with a cast time were not properly reducing your movement speed during casting.
  • Fixed an issue where the monkey pet granted to beta testers occasionally had collision.

Crafting & Economy

  • Fixed an issue where low-level players were being granted high-level food recipes. You should now receive recipes appropriate for your level.

Dungeons & Group Content

  • Fixed an issue where the chest containing the portal to Crow’s Wood would occasionally get stuck in an open or closed position, and would prevent you from entering.
  • A Son’s Promise: Fixed an issue in Crows’ Wood where Rulantaril's Construct would instantly respawn.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Anchors which could prevent monsters from spawning.

Exploration & Itemization

  • You will no longer receive veteran rank swords from fishing in Stonefalls.

Mac Client

  • Fixed an issue with the MacBook Air that was causing NPCs to multiply as you moved the camera around.


  • In the name of the Queen: Fixed an issue in the quest where the priestesses at the Northern and Western ritual sites would occasionally get stuck in a kneeling pose, blocking your progress.
  • New in Town: Malareth has been run out of Vulkhel Guard for the time being, but she vows to return at a later date. Those of you on this quest are advised to abandon the quest until she returns. Not completing this quest will not impact any achievements.


  • Prove Your Worth: Fixed an issue where you would lose credit for dueling NPCs if other players interfered before the NPC could land a hit.


  • Bloodthorn Assassins: Increased the respawn rate of suspicious cargo, plus the chance of the correct assassin spawning in the cargo.
  • Legacy of Baelborne Rock: Tanchim now yells at only you when interacting with the rune, instead of everyone in the region, including most of Daggerfall City.
  • Vale of the Guardians: Fixed an issue where the quest could get blocked if one of the monsters defending the Wyress got stuck.

Khenarthi’s Roost

  • The Perils of Diplomacy: Added a map pin to the location of the Green Lady to resolve an issue where the red mist leading to her location was not visible.


  • Shornhelm Divided: Fixed an issue where the High King Emeric would occasionally not appear on the step “Meet High King Emeric.” You can now meet him!


  • Death of Balreth: Fixed a couple of issues which were preventing you from containing the spirit at the end of the quest, blocking both completion and exit.
  • Restoring the Guardians: Fixed an issue that was preventing Ragebinder and/or Blaze from appearing when summoned.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where you could not zoom in to look at your first character’s face in the character creation menu.
  • The intro cinematic has been replaced with a new, higher quality version.
  • There is now an option to play the intro cinematic any time you’d like to watch it again.
  • The issue preventing chat and name filters from working has been fixed; chat and character names are now filtered for bad language. Please be aware that Customer Support may have to alter your character name if it breaks our naming requirements.
  • Added a textual warning when deleting a character reminding you that items still attached to characters on deletion will be deleted. This includes items granted through pre-ordering, Imperial Editions, and beta rewards.
    • Note: This message is currently only in German and French. We intend on adding an English message soon.


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вот бы игровую почту скорее починили. бесит уже!

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Я играю с раннего старта (с 1 апреля).

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